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My Life as a Dog

My Life as a Dog by LA Davenport in eBook and Paperback

Perhaps with him I am a dog

What was Kevin? He was earnest yet playful, boisterous yet lazy, a little rough sometimes, extremely direct and always sure of what he wanted. He was also sensitive, kind, supportive and caring, not to mention highly communicative and supremely understanding towards children.

My Life as a Dog is the funny, heartwarming and moving story of a life shared between a black and tan dachshund and his owner.
Told over two days and a weekend drawn from their many years together, it explores how Kevin overcame his cruel upbringing to flower into a self-confident dog that left everyone he met spellbound. And as they grew together, his owner learned to live in the present and navigate the difficult times they faced together.

But with Kevin rejected by the canine world and their connection ever-more profound and symbiotic, the question was: What does he think I am?

L. A. Davenport is author of the thriller Escape, and the short story collections No Way Home and Dear Lucifer and Other Stories.


It’s a quick read, it’s a sweet read, it’s exactly the kind of thing to buoy your spirits after a long week (or 2020). I do recommend this for you or the dog lover in your life. The Irresponsible Reader
There is only one word that could describe this book and that is adorable…I really adored this wee book and I adored Kevin and it’s clear his owner also does! Such a sweet book. Books by Bindu
A read to give you that warm feeling inside, especially if read with a canine friend next to you. Nicki's book blog
It made me think of the dogs I had growing up and how much a miss having a dog around. This is a lovely story and a quick read. Sylv.net
It renders an effective, novel, and touching portrait of a man's love for his dog . . . often brimming with inventiveness and wit . . . [It] opens with a brilliantly crafted passage, which captivates the reader and establishes tone and pacing. Elegant and highly descriptive prose portrays the scene and landscape and the physical attributes and behavior of the memoir's central figure. The BookLife Prize

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You can read more about L. A. Davenport’s life with his black and tan dachshund and the genesis of My Life as a Dog, as well as pictures of Kevin, here.

To find out more about L. A. Davenport and his other books, visit Pushing the Wave, and read his blog here.