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The Hunter Cut

L.A. Davenport
Escape: The Hunter Cut by LA Davenport
Pages: 382
ISBN: 9781916937055

Pages: 382
ISBN: 9781916937062

Pages: 398
ISBN: 9781916937079
That is the question John, a trauma doctor, asks himself over and over as he mourns the death of his wife.

Lost and alone, he wanders the streets of a glamorous Mediterranean resort trying to escape the pain.

He drifts from bar to bar until he meets Jasna, a captivating hostess. She teases him out of his suffering and, against their better judgement, they fall in love.

Then tragedy strikes, and John is pitched into a ruthless world of drugs, prostitution and murder, where life is cheap and nothing is as it seems.

In this all-new edition, Escape, The Hunter Cut takes the classic tale of L.A. Davenport’s debut novel Escape and retells it through John’s eyes, as he battles with himself and the events that threaten to overwhelm him.

Published: May 2024

Blog Tour

We were very excited to announce that a Blog Tour for Escape, The Hunter Cut, took place from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 May, 2024, with a blogger posting a review each day.

All the latest updates and news are posted below.
Escape The Hunter Cut Blog Tour

Blog tour updates

6 May, 2024
Emma Fitzgerald, aka Tea Leaves and Book Leaves, was up first.

In her review, posted on her website, she said that the descriptions in Escape, The Hunter Cut, were "brilliant" and "made me feel I was in the Mediterranean with John."

She found that, after a few chapters, "the pace sped up and then I could not put it down," and she felt so bad for John as he descended into his world of pain that she "wanted to shout at him to run."

Overall, Emma said that Escape, The Hunter Cut, is an "entertaining story that will keep you gripped to the end. If you like crime mystery this book is for you. 4 stars."
7 May, 2024
Tuesday was the turn of Peter Fleming, who reviewed the book on his blog Peter turns the page.

In a detailed, thoughtful and insightful review, he said that John is "not the most likeable hero at times but he is a good man who starts questioning himself and his purpose, before he embarks on something of a modern chivalric quest for justice (or is it vengeance)."

Turning to Jasna, Peter writes that she is "nicely judged," and leaves the reader wondering which "version of her ‘truth’ is correct, or whether it is somewhere in between."

He adds that the interaction between John and Jasna is "low-key and quite touching which is nicely judged considering ‘surgeon falls for hostess on holiday whilst grieving his wife’ is edging into fiction cliché territory."

"The reader is unsure of their motives or indeed who is exploiting who, so it never ends up as Pretty Woman, more a reminder that there is good in us all."

Overall, Peter says that "there is plenty of action for the thriller lover" in Escape, The Hunter Cut, alongside "the brutal violence that comes with the subject matter."
9 May, 2024
On the Thursday, Abi Clark took to Instagram to review Escape, The Hunter Cut.

She said that the descriptions in the novel are "great," adding: "There is a dark side to this escape to the Mediterranean."

"Will John be able to solve the murders?"

Overall, Abi said Escape, The Hunter Cut, "started slow and really got dramatic towards the end!!"
10 May, 2024
Friday was the turn of Annarella.

On her blog, she said the “gritty and twisty story” of Escape, The Hunter Cut, is “intriguing and I appreciated the storytelling and the character development.”

Annarella described Jasna as an “enigmatic and unreliable character,” and is described with a “light touch and is never judged.”

She added that It is a “slow burning story,” but “the moment the action starts it’s an adrenaline fuelled story that keeps you on the edge and turning pages.”

Overall, Annarella described Escape, The Hunter Cut, as a “poignant thriller.”
11 May, 2024
The penultimate day of the blog tour, Ellie Shepherd took centre stage.

Over on Facebook, she said: “Another captivating read from L.A. Davenport, the storyline held my attention and the character and setting detail, poor John really goes through tough time after tough time.”

“A highly recommended read.”

Another captivating read from L.A Davenport, the storyline held my attention and the character and setting detail, poor...

Posted by Ellie Shepherd on Saturday 11 May 2024
12 May, 2024
Last, but certainly not least, was Dee.

“I enjoyed Escape: The Hunter Cut,” she wrote on Instagram. “I wasn’t sure where it was going at first, but it all becomes clear.”

She also mentioned something that was a matter of great debate before Escape, The Hunter Cut, was published, but we’re glad we stuck with now: “I liked how short the chapters are, it meant I could sneak one or two in while I had a couple of minutes.”

Thank you, Dee, for wrapping up a wonderful blog tour!

About the Author

L.A. Davenport is an Anglo-Irish author and journalist based in Stamford, Lincolnshire. He has been writing stories and more since he was a wee bairn, as his grandpa used to say.

Among other things, he likes long walks, typewriters and big cups of tea.

To learn more about L.A. Davenport and his writing, visit Pushing the Wave.
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