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Escape: The Hunter Cut by LA Davenport
Why am I still alive?
Sunlighgt by LA Davenport
A little shade until nightfall and he will be free
Escape by LA Davenport
Can you escape your destiny?
No Way Home by LA Davenport
Love, loss, and the eternal quest for acceptance
Stations of the Soul by LA Davenport
There is no rest on the voyage of life
Deathcast by LA Davenport
The sanctity of human life means nothing when that life is not serving society
Screen Grab by LA Davenport
The more you want something, the less you can tell if it’s real
Dear Lucifer and Other Stories by LA Davenport
Evil can have no meaning if it does not come from goodness
The Marching Band Emporium by LA Davenport
A personal selection from the blog of the same name
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Fiction | P-WAVE PRESS

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